Monday, January 18, 2010


I am in pursuit of the of the identity,
that I could best identify with,
my essence is not in fidelity
with my heart,pleads who am I?

My soul is still alien to my intellect
the conflict carries with every beat
thoughts become tough to exchange and recollect
they are baffled,question who am I?

I fail to comprehend myself
I don't even know myself well
what I want,what I need
are not the only ones,who am I?

Am I right,Am I wrong
I can't answer,my heart is juvenile
people still taunt me,why am still not strong
I just reply,I dont know,who am I?

Don't know when complexities cease,
when I do stop and recognise
my inner spirit which is still under dreams,
and put an end to the question,who am I?

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been here before
(a song, I have written, and composing)

It feels like my own,
it has so much in store
I am lost but somehow I know,
the way I have to go

Yes,I have been here before

Its long been in my mind,
why I don't belong to this species and this kind
But, now am here,the place I always had to find
and am happy that I don't need to hide

Yes,I have been here before

I had to hide and camouflage my passion
I had to move away hiding my chagrin,
people put up so many questions
which now I don't feel to answer

Cuz I have been here before

This place is so like me,
it has so much to give and there is so much to see,
its always been my fantasy
but now it is in me

I have been here before......