Thursday, November 25, 2010

If this Daisy got Scared

Through the winters,through the autumn,
still carries the aura of fascination
with the innocense she wears
it makes me wonder if
this daisy ever got scared

The reticence that beckon the petals
make you want to imbibe her
the reverence she now carries
who can say
this daisy ever got scared

the one with the standout magnetism
was the one faced with most witherings
that were trounced upon,
and lead to new traquil splendor
with beauty she now carries who can say
this daisy ever got scared

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A sweet lil Lie

It was pouring love from the sky,
my heart just wished a goodbye
to one i miss in the rains that drizzle
a sweet lil lie i just managed to say

The shining arch that remind me
moments,precious to the heart that weeps,
"i have no reminiscence "i said
a sweet lil lie i just managed to say

heart wants its life back
it has no other way, but to say goodbye
forgive, its me that's dying here
a sweet lil lie is never easy to say

prayers shall be never be without you
and for the one who will truly love you
the way i wished i could one day
a sweet lil lie is way to me it alive...

it'll love till the beats stop
it knows it can't have you
still i say i don't want you
forgive,a sweet lil lie is just a way to love you


Monday, June 28, 2010

Reluctant Sail

Plethora of desires, bemuse my intention
anchoring the voyage isn't an option,
the me inside, wishes to change the direction
but will have to give all away
to continue the reluctant sail

The juvenile intellect that chose
needed time to be mature,
that intellect still reels
in my mind,willing to abjure
the reluctant sail unwilling to detour

Indisposition making the sail unwanted
wishing for a divergence
not the one made by me,
but one made by thee
reluctant sail makes me plea

How the voyage gona conclude
all this making me presume,
what will i do, where will i be
even when the voyage is complete
its not i wished, not i desire
i am obliged by the decision
taken by my juvenile intention

Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is Love for You

For those who have lost that special person in their lives to various terror attacks across the globe

I know it is hard when I say,
ask you to move along the way,
without the hands that you held so close
but baby you have to let it go,be brave,hurt no more
cause there is enough love for you

I know you curse the time, that took away
the smile, laughter,love you shared
but this is the time to ask the god you pray
let your baby pass the peaceful ray
cause there is enough love for you

I don't know if your wounds heal
Perhaps never know of how you feel
but baby you are precious to me
to the world,you loved to the hilt
believe,there is enough love for you

Baby, all that is not worth your hate
I know it is tough,don't bother fate
things now can't be changed
and be happy for today
for there is enough love for you

Now its time to make life beautiful,
for you,me, the world so wonderful
there are people in need of your love
people to give you all their love
yes there is enough love for you

Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's My Mom for You

She dances her way to the room
lights and chases away the gloom
makes everyone happy n at times fume!
that's my mom for you

Has a tendency to lose her cool
whenever people around her are fools
but makes a point of never being rude,
that's my mom for you

she loves her job all the more
works real hard to the core
never leave a task to sore
that's my mom for you

she is possessive for her family
but never expects the same from her family
is possessive but can't be possessed
that's my mom for you

Reminds me of fuhrer of Germany,
discipline matches with this felony
but has a heart of honesty
that's my mom for you

she makes friends real fast
has many friends in the world so vast
but as no time to maintain them alas.
that's my mom for you

she is freakingly funny
I can roll on the floor laughing
her antics are moronic
that's y mom for you

she has heart of diamond
gold,silver and platinum
most lovable and coolest person
that's my mom for you

luv you mom!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yeah,I know I am the one,
am gonna dance crazy cuz i ain't nun
oh don't preach I am having my kinda fun,
am going mad,just making that crazy run

having a shot early morning,still ain't blur
ain't got care this world,
cuz for me it ain't more than a merde
n I have a life I don't want it to suck

don't worry I ain't faint
its just that matter doing its job,like my saint,
don't worry it ain't Kurt Cobain
its just my spirit getting numb to my pain.

hey DJ let my ears blow out
ain't gona listen to their nonsense talk
oh no, time is running in my clock
so am gona do whatever I want

So wanted here,that party doesn't start
till the crazy fun girl is having a blast
madness ain't gonna stop
even does the world ain't gonna last

oh every little thing seem dancing,
yay!!its the magic that's drooling
change I wanna move to the latin,
do or I will call up Stalin

Oh I miss the nazis ,
wish I could be tortured under the fascists
yay!!I am a ain't jack
its just that I am around ugly sadists I am gonna fall
no,wait,leave I love this plot,
everything is fun even if false,
don't bother even if I am lost

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Its so sad, yet so true,
you disguise yourself and pretend,
every time, you sounded concerned,
still I don't want to know,it was just pretence

I am a fool,yes I was too,
to believe your reasons,
but psyche did tell, you had different visions,
still I would want to see your pretence

Your lies seemed beautiful,
your care more than real,
emotions that were sham,why does my heart still feel?
when your pretence fails it,still it pleads.

Shunning away from reality,the only choice
no matter how false you were
standing in the ruins of innocent gloom
still,all I wish your pretence was true

Monday, January 18, 2010


I am in pursuit of the of the identity,
that I could best identify with,
my essence is not in fidelity
with my heart,pleads who am I?

My soul is still alien to my intellect
the conflict carries with every beat
thoughts become tough to exchange and recollect
they are baffled,question who am I?

I fail to comprehend myself
I don't even know myself well
what I want,what I need
are not the only ones,who am I?

Am I right,Am I wrong
I can't answer,my heart is juvenile
people still taunt me,why am still not strong
I just reply,I dont know,who am I?

Don't know when complexities cease,
when I do stop and recognise
my inner spirit which is still under dreams,
and put an end to the question,who am I?

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been here before
(a song, I have written, and composing)

It feels like my own,
it has so much in store
I am lost but somehow I know,
the way I have to go

Yes,I have been here before

Its long been in my mind,
why I don't belong to this species and this kind
But, now am here,the place I always had to find
and am happy that I don't need to hide

Yes,I have been here before

I had to hide and camouflage my passion
I had to move away hiding my chagrin,
people put up so many questions
which now I don't feel to answer

Cuz I have been here before

This place is so like me,
it has so much to give and there is so much to see,
its always been my fantasy
but now it is in me

I have been here before......