Saturday, February 27, 2010


Its so sad, yet so true,
you disguise yourself and pretend,
every time, you sounded concerned,
still I don't want to know,it was just pretence

I am a fool,yes I was too,
to believe your reasons,
but psyche did tell, you had different visions,
still I would want to see your pretence

Your lies seemed beautiful,
your care more than real,
emotions that were sham,why does my heart still feel?
when your pretence fails it,still it pleads.

Shunning away from reality,the only choice
no matter how false you were
standing in the ruins of innocent gloom
still,all I wish your pretence was true


  1. Ur poems really make me think deeply....!!
    its really v nice....
    sometime i hvto consult dictionary too..... :P
    kp up ur gud wrk....!!

  2. Awesome, you lady, just Awesome!!

  3. ummmmhunn!! real life on paper :P