Monday, June 19, 2017

Friend was there...

There she came, the girl,
the friend who deciphered me,
who ushered me in to a world of culinary
in a while fought and a betrayed a little
But the affinity sailed for a trifle
Alas! Rancour in hearts triumphed,
A journey so promising neared its end..

There came a boy, naieve and kind
he read my heart,
called me beautiful, when no one saw
was there when no one was,
Alas! Life betrayed my pal,
My friend was took a far....

There came a petite girl,
Read my eyes like a book,
instilled belief when it nowhere to look
Comforted and poured her love in wit,
Alas! Times changed
My friend and I distanced and moved apart

There came a strong lady,
Loving and kind,
Firercely protected me nice and fine
But fallacy took over, could never talk
Alas! Never got a chance
My friend left and away she walked.

There came a tiny friend
she met me perplexed
She took my mess as own,
but life's uncertainities took toll
Alas! Wish i can resolve.
My friend is unknown to my love

Friends come and go,
My love for all will be engraved when I am gone
Stories i have, memories built,
Unforgettable all
Grateful for moments and love
For needed they were in times
..but taken away, alas! Times have no right.