Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Its a norm, not a farce,

You think its forever, but alas,
In the moment u dont realise,
The joy it brings blinds
the fact; they may come and go

Losing yourself intogetherness
Giving your life to hopelesness
Trusting their empty promises,
You forget your lonely experiences
Which taught you they may come and go

The heart muddles again
Alas knows no restrain,
Believing everything ever told
As the illusion wraps the empty soul
and makes you forget; they may come and go

Soon enough palpability hits hard
Unable to apprehend,beats are fast
Trying to hold on,
Left breatheless,they move on
You refuse to believe; they may come and go

Breatheless,completly deranged
Tears streaming as you try to fade
away the delusions that you held
as a reality that you proudly acclaimed
Trying to accept; they may come and go

Getting up,dusting away the dust
Abandoned again to their bluff
Merciless is all you want to be
Brutal as no one would have seen
Anger accepts; they come and go

Callous and cold all you be
Never again is all you believe
Crushing your heart,crunching your teeth
Heartless you u be,sham all you see
Fucktards may come and go