Thursday, October 6, 2011


The ghost of the still is dedicated to the inner evil we all posses that reveals itself in that one moment of frustration and anger while we lose all our sanity to the devil and are just left with devastation of what we ones had.While you are caught up in that moment of stillness, when you lose your balance and surmise your own destruction, which was never there. READ ON.....

Halted in the moment,
that pierced you from the inside,
You wish moment to pass,
but 'the ghost of the still' resides

Boundless thoughts that wander
in lonely mind as a cloud,
blocks your afterimage,
cause the 'ghost of the still' blinds

Sadness that ones numbed you,
insanity that chased like the shadow,
temptation of annihilation of own,
compels you so 'the ghost of the still'

You held your breathe,
while the storm began to form,
looking in the debris of your hope,
that shows you 'the ghost of the still'

Destruction that catastrophic apparition leaves,
In search of the end,nowhere to be seen
left to collect the pieces of affiliations
cause 'the ghost of the still' deceives