Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank You for Being with Me

Thank You for Being with me
Its hard for me to say
things I have in my heart with me
I don't know if you care,but I have something to say,
Thank You for Being with me

You carry me when I am down
Lead me when I can't see,
Calm me when I am mad and unsound,
Thank You for Being with me

You hold me when I am lost,
become the air when I can't breathe
you are the warmth in the frost
Thank You for Being with me

Its when you love,
my pain seems to cease,
tenderly unwind my heart and soul
Thank You for Being with me

Some how I am scared to face alone
death, that's inevitable to me
without you I don't know how will I dare to go,
but even then I have to say

Thank You for Being with me......

Friday, December 25, 2009



I seem lost in the world,
don't know if I heard your word,
Now when I walk alone,
I wish I could have your love to own

Now that I am free,
I wish the walls closed on me,
wish I could have myself be death stoned
than have myself disowned

Wild wind that blew,
opened the doors to let me into rues,
of your memories which made me succumb,
sad, death couldn't come that soon

You used to say you will see me soon
but wait seems to long till the doom,
I wish I could have the key again
to the heart that kept me sane

Silence that creeps,
me under the memories under your breeze
makes it tougher for me to breathe
as the love for you refuses to cease

Can't stop your thoughts creeping my dreams
no more easy to find sleep,
impossible to find the reason for you
to refuse my existence, as if nothing new

I wish I could make you sense
your presence was much more than I ever sensed
Help me as you used to,
I am lost again,life I am going to lose

Saturday, December 19, 2009


The journey has begun,
memories presenting themselves as the rising sun,
collecting all the dissapointments and fun,
that's how voyage to the grave begins

Those who love, even those who hate,
strangely get together & ironically pray,
some for the soul, some still with hate,
that's voyage to the grave,even for the greats

Those who took the soul for granted, do regret,
why couldn't they support, when it needed the most,
instead now have to support its cascade to the post,
Voyage to the grave such goes,

For the soul, its tough to leave,
its not easy to see their smiles cease,
wants time, hence pleads,
Voyage to the grave thus bleeds

As the time ticks,to bid the soul goodbye,
even the pain seems to cry,
why my love had to die
and had to have Voyage to grave with a sigh

god bless mah family n friends.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009


This poem is on the behalf of the thousands of victims and thousands of collateral victims, who were shattered physically, mentally, emotionally to the core. on 26th Nov 2008 by just 10 men armed with huge explosives, who entered this country of mine which takes pride in being the military superpower in the world. I here say, that forgetting this horrible day will just excuse the leaders from being accountable for the job they failed to do. I am angry, angry at all those people who want me to forget 26/11, and carry on my life. I am helpless for I live in democratic society, but still have no choice but to live in fear for the people who were meant to protect me are just busy doing lip service.

Don't heal my wounds,
for i don't want to get healed
don't want my anger to be repealed
want answers for the my pain and sufferings that made me bleed

Don't heal my wounds,

for I don't want to forgive anymore
I want my wounds to sore
don't want to forget,what shattered me to the core

Don't heal my wounds,
excuse my spirit for few moments
I am sick of my resilience,
don't test my patience

Don't heal my wounds,
I don't long for your solidarity

neither your sympathy
I want answers for my apathy

Don't heal my wounds,
for the unreasonable reasons

you give me every season,
though I was attacked for no reason

Don't heal my wounds,
cuz I can still see the mother,
who lost her son in the terror

and still believes that her son will be back for the supper

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Do not drop tears of your eyes,
Smile, cuz happiness are few,
don't fall, cuz its time to rise,
Smile, I am there for you

I know pain is there, time isn't right,
Smile, cuz reasons will be new,
Pain will be lost, need to fight,
Smile, I am ther for you

Stay quiet, your eyes do say,
Smile, tears are precious as dew
Let it go, I shall pray
Smile, I will be there for you

Don't worry, hope shall stay,
Smile, rays are coming for you,
Brighten yourself, don't shun away,
Smile, I am there for you

I know your aim is too far,
Smile, even though you have no clue,
end will be sweet not sour,
Smile, I am there for you

People with you, may not be happy,
Smile, while you are rebuked,
you have to be strong, not saddy,
Smile, I am there for you

My presence may not always be felt,
Smile, the bond need not be proved,
even when nothing much is left,
Smile, I am there for you


SILENCE DOESN'T SPEAK TO ME...... Vaccum seems to be airy again,
and I've no happiness to claim,
Wish there could be end to this dream,
as the silence doens't speak to me...

I try and camouflage my chagrin,
in the Euphoria of those who I say are mine,
Why the cycle seems to be mean?
why silence doesn't speak to me?

The isolation that had my love,
the inventions that were made in my clove,
seem far so gleam,
thus silence doesn't speak to me.

The symphony is indecorous,
The mirth of minbe is pretentious
this is acceptable as I seem,
I wait..
but, silence doesn't speak to me..

Wish the silence the Silence minces again,
before the cycle ends,
and tastes fresh as a 1000yr old wine
the Euphoria shall be prime
when the silence does speak to me.



I had a feeling, a confusion,
how come life is both cruel and kind?
to the relations, and creates fusion
and makes me wonder, who is mine?

Sweep of change,makes it ambiguous,
and makes me believe,that I can't never find,
true love that is so contagious,
and makes me wonder,who is mine?

How am I meant to sit and wonder,
for that splendourful sign,
the wait for which is tough & makes me surrender,
and then wonder, who is mine?

With all this I look up at the moon,
Expecting the one who shall be mine,
to be under this beautiful moon
and makes me wonder, who is mine?



(This episte of mine is specially dedicated to someone whom i consider my angel, I don't care what people think about him, I feel he was an angel to the world,that world failed to recognise)
I was waiting dusk to dawn,
but don't know where he is gone,
Why the God had him withdrawn?
Before the baby could sing his song...

I was waiting damn so sure,
of him burning the floor,
Why god had opened his door?
Before the baby could dance to the core...

I was waiting for him to cheer,
he fans, who were, oh so dear,
Why god took his chance to clear?
Before the baby could sing his prayers...

I was waiting to his face,
So happy and full of zest,
Why god put him to test?
Before the baby could enjoy and take some rest....

I was waiting time to pass,
seemed slow even when it was fast,
Why god designed the plan?
Before the baby could cheer his clan....

luv u mike...always will

Summer of 89'

Summer of 89'

Born in the Summer of 89'
with an artistic sign,
that a star as arrived
with hope,fun & pride.

Born in the Summer of 89'
gets better as a white wine,
who says great ones have died,
when one has just arrived!

Born in the Summer of 89'
honesty is her prime,
fed up with the hypocrisy around.
Who cares?World still moves round.

Born in the Summer of 89'
How are you? She says 'fine',
What else can be said?
When time to listen,by far, is dead!

Born in the Summer of 89'
born on the day one nine,
2.22pm was the time,
New Delhi was the place
and Krithika was she named......