Saturday, August 24, 2013


Lately have been waking up alone,
lil' bit of pang scattered all along,
getting cold inside out,
with all your memories I don't wana recall
Wandering, following your traces

The allegiance that was there,
can't be the same, am aware,
even the absence can't be felt,
just an agonising void you left,
Getting tougher to follow your traces

Trying to return to my sleep yet again,
nights getting tired all over again,
so I lift my hands and pray,
get the same hope you once gave,
in the midst of following your traces

Can’t help but look back,
the road,together we walked
lonely as it now seems,
without our zaniness it once screamed
Your traces nowhere to be seen

Journey will now be different,
on my own, with your reminiscence
decide to be crazy again, 
might never have tomorrow,
the time has come let you go
can’t follow your traces anymore

memory of aki :)