Sunday, September 5, 2010

A sweet lil Lie

It was pouring love from the sky,
my heart just wished a goodbye
to one i miss in the rains that drizzle
a sweet lil lie i just managed to say

The shining arch that remind me
moments,precious to the heart that weeps,
"i have no reminiscence "i said
a sweet lil lie i just managed to say

heart wants its life back
it has no other way, but to say goodbye
forgive, its me that's dying here
a sweet lil lie is never easy to say

prayers shall be never be without you
and for the one who will truly love you
the way i wished i could one day
a sweet lil lie is way to me it alive...

it'll love till the beats stop
it knows it can't have you
still i say i don't want you
forgive,a sweet lil lie is just a way to love you