Friday, December 25, 2009



I seem lost in the world,
don't know if I heard your word,
Now when I walk alone,
I wish I could have your love to own

Now that I am free,
I wish the walls closed on me,
wish I could have myself be death stoned
than have myself disowned

Wild wind that blew,
opened the doors to let me into rues,
of your memories which made me succumb,
sad, death couldn't come that soon

You used to say you will see me soon
but wait seems to long till the doom,
I wish I could have the key again
to the heart that kept me sane

Silence that creeps,
me under the memories under your breeze
makes it tougher for me to breathe
as the love for you refuses to cease

Can't stop your thoughts creeping my dreams
no more easy to find sleep,
impossible to find the reason for you
to refuse my existence, as if nothing new

I wish I could make you sense
your presence was much more than I ever sensed
Help me as you used to,
I am lost again,life I am going to lose


  1. U deserve some kid of president's award or what..!good going kid!and try to pick your cell more often!pisses me of when you dont!

  2. and try n come to avatar..its been long since we went!!

  3. wow - u amaze me. you got a way with words. good going.

  4. beautiful........!
    keep up the good work !!!!!!!!

  5. I Feel like being back to school, reading the textbook poems of Famous Poets.....!!
    U r one of the budding poet whose beautiful poems will soon be found adorning the textbooks..!! :)
    love u...yaar...
    m proud to b ur frn !!

    write smth fr me na... :p !!