Sunday, November 29, 2009


This poem is on the behalf of the thousands of victims and thousands of collateral victims, who were shattered physically, mentally, emotionally to the core. on 26th Nov 2008 by just 10 men armed with huge explosives, who entered this country of mine which takes pride in being the military superpower in the world. I here say, that forgetting this horrible day will just excuse the leaders from being accountable for the job they failed to do. I am angry, angry at all those people who want me to forget 26/11, and carry on my life. I am helpless for I live in democratic society, but still have no choice but to live in fear for the people who were meant to protect me are just busy doing lip service.

Don't heal my wounds,
for i don't want to get healed
don't want my anger to be repealed
want answers for the my pain and sufferings that made me bleed

Don't heal my wounds,

for I don't want to forgive anymore
I want my wounds to sore
don't want to forget,what shattered me to the core

Don't heal my wounds,
excuse my spirit for few moments
I am sick of my resilience,
don't test my patience

Don't heal my wounds,
I don't long for your solidarity

neither your sympathy
I want answers for my apathy

Don't heal my wounds,
for the unreasonable reasons

you give me every season,
though I was attacked for no reason

Don't heal my wounds,
cuz I can still see the mother,
who lost her son in the terror

and still believes that her son will be back for the supper


  1. amazing poem, should be printed in newspaper!

  2. i remember this poem every time i go to c.s.t.
    and near taj and oberoi.
    especially the line "don't heal my wounds"
    can be heard every time i see the marks of bullets at leopold cafe.

  3. This is beautifully written ... and true.

    I often feel the Indian people expects us to forget, that they believe time and "justice" will heal all our wounds.
    There is no such thing as justice.

    The terrorists left us with deep and painful scars, but it's the unfaithful - those we were ment to trust - that keeps our wounds open and bleeding. Therein lies the greatest betrayal of them all.

    If the Indian people forget and stop asking questions about and to the unfaithful, they accept the betrayal and become their own worse enemy.