Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yeah,I know I am the one,
am gonna dance crazy cuz i ain't nun
oh don't preach I am having my kinda fun,
am going mad,just making that crazy run

having a shot early morning,still ain't blur
ain't got care this world,
cuz for me it ain't more than a merde
n I have a life I don't want it to suck

don't worry I ain't faint
its just that matter doing its job,like my saint,
don't worry it ain't Kurt Cobain
its just my spirit getting numb to my pain.

hey DJ let my ears blow out
ain't gona listen to their nonsense talk
oh no, time is running in my clock
so am gona do whatever I want

So wanted here,that party doesn't start
till the crazy fun girl is having a blast
madness ain't gonna stop
even does the world ain't gonna last

oh every little thing seem dancing,
yay!!its the magic that's drooling
change I wanna move to the latin,
do or I will call up Stalin

Oh I miss the nazis ,
wish I could be tortured under the fascists
yay!!I am a ain't jack
its just that I am around ugly sadists I am gonna fall
no,wait,leave I love this plot,
everything is fun even if false,
don't bother even if I am lost


  1. n wht u wrote is kool, wish v could party,its been a long time:p..please finish ur CA wotever soon

  2. wow....
    Yo Yo Honey....dats pretty cool.......!!
    lets party....
    take out ur party shoes,
    unfold ur crazy locks,
    lets shake a leg and party.....woooohooooo!!

  3. I know dear wat made u write this poem. I was the Nazi soldier at that time.