Thursday, April 29, 2010

That's My Mom for You

She dances her way to the room
lights and chases away the gloom
makes everyone happy n at times fume!
that's my mom for you

Has a tendency to lose her cool
whenever people around her are fools
but makes a point of never being rude,
that's my mom for you

she loves her job all the more
works real hard to the core
never leave a task to sore
that's my mom for you

she is possessive for her family
but never expects the same from her family
is possessive but can't be possessed
that's my mom for you

Reminds me of fuhrer of Germany,
discipline matches with this felony
but has a heart of honesty
that's my mom for you

she makes friends real fast
has many friends in the world so vast
but as no time to maintain them alas.
that's my mom for you

she is freakingly funny
I can roll on the floor laughing
her antics are moronic
that's y mom for you

she has heart of diamond
gold,silver and platinum
most lovable and coolest person
that's my mom for you

luv you mom!!!



  1. Baby U are chooooooooooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Thankkkkkkkk u. Ummmmaaahhhhha. I have no words to express my feelings dalng. God bless u .

  2. put the pic of ur wud luk much more beautiful.....!!
    Nice description.....i luvd it !!

  3. yeh painting is more touching n cute...