Saturday, May 15, 2010

There is Love for You

For those who have lost that special person in their lives to various terror attacks across the globe

I know it is hard when I say,
ask you to move along the way,
without the hands that you held so close
but baby you have to let it go,be brave,hurt no more
cause there is enough love for you

I know you curse the time, that took away
the smile, laughter,love you shared
but this is the time to ask the god you pray
let your baby pass the peaceful ray
cause there is enough love for you

I don't know if your wounds heal
Perhaps never know of how you feel
but baby you are precious to me
to the world,you loved to the hilt
believe,there is enough love for you

Baby, all that is not worth your hate
I know it is tough,don't bother fate
things now can't be changed
and be happy for today
for there is enough love for you

Now its time to make life beautiful,
for you,me, the world so wonderful
there are people in need of your love
people to give you all their love
yes there is enough love for you


  1. U r really a GREAT poet.....
    u feel others' feelings n xpress them so beautifully in ur own words....!!
    Hats off to u....

  2. mat likh itna, ptani kya soch ti rehti h, nevr b sad kritu i will b thr for ya jst lik joey s wit monica:)

  3. this one is surely going to help some pain heal.

  4. now am confused all the poems are so beautiful, bravo! than you krithika for being there for so many people, when everyone was just confused about the next step to take, hugs :-)

  5. I will always remember these words, dear.
    Takk ♥ Line