Sunday, April 29, 2012



What was it that made you so weak,
was it an illusion of dispair,
or absence of joy you always seek,
the reasons are too less,
cause why that night took you away

You were strong i believed,
not the one to give up easily
why,i could never perceive,
the macabre on the way
as the night that took you away

thought you  gonna be there 
for the time now and forever,
but then i could see next to never,
how can it now be forever;now,
halted by the night that took you away

the sense of the ending hasnt confirmed,
filling the time for
the hole ur absence affirmed,
nights tough to survive,
since the night that took you away

Reminisce of the times that songs bring
those that we sang together
assumed crazy when used to sing,
now left unsung as the unread letter, 
wish you could deceive 
the night that took you away

Must be Watching me from the above,
one thing you should always know,
we still a team, 
you had my back, now i have to own,
you will be happy and for my own
 cause that's my vow,
and spirit  will not be low,
by the night that took you away

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