Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The times when you are chained,
to shackles of their fancy and surmise
numbed by wound that once pained
just obscured with their wrongs and rights

You listen and you see,
they assert and give you reasons
how convincing can be their deceit
mystified with their wrongs and rights

You are caught in your question
acumen their thoughts with your wringer
choked up with their observation,
unsettled with their wrongs and rights

You hold your breathe,
await for the coldness to clench you tight
to gather strength to be indifferent
be unfazed with their wrongs and rights

You try to give a sign,
but fizzled by their claims
so you sit as unaffected mime
left to chose from their worngs and rights

You don't wanna fall apart
save your naievity from their mights
wall your soul with a silent maul
from the clutches of their worngs and rights

In the seclusion when your left
shun away all the admonition
chase the voice from within
leaving their rights and wrongs behind

Follow the directions,
till you can be happy and be wise
as you want as yo please
standing upto their wrongs and their rights.